Yarra Valley Water – Hydrogen Generation Concept

SERVICES: Energy, Renewable Energy, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

OBJECTIVE: Yarra Valley Water (YVW), a leading Australian water corporation, aims to achieve Net Zero by 2025, surpassing industry and government targets. Their 2030 Strategy, focused on Beyond Zero Carbon and Circular Economics, drives this decarbonisation effort.

The Hydrogen Generation Concept facility, a co-located hydrogen generation plant, plays a vital role in YVW’s decarbonisation plans. It utilises excess renewable energy from Waste to Energy and treated recycled water from the Aurora Sewage Treatment Plant to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis. This hydrogen is used for electricity, replacing onsite gas, and fuelling vehicles.

The facility’s financial assessment shows a promising NPV of $13.4 million with a grant and a 49.08% IRR. Advantages include increased behind-the-meter energy consumption, improved water-treatment efficiency, low-cost hydrogen generation, and use of abundant recycled water. Aligned with government strategies, the Hydrogen Generation Concept facility supports broader decarbonisation and fosters a renewable hydrogen industry.

Bridgeford Group’s engagement and expertise identified and mitigated risks including customer, technology, environmental, and financial.

In conclusion, Yarra Valley Water’s Hydrogen Generation Concept facility is groundbreaking, positioning them as decarbonisation leaders, creating a sustainable, renewable energy system.