Hydrogen Park Energy Options Study

The Hydrogen Park Murray Valley Energy Options Study, completed by Bridgeford Group, successfully integrated renewable energy, innovative technologies, and sustainable practices. It served as a model for future low-carbon initiatives, showcasing the potential of transforming the Hume Highway with hydrogen refueling capabilities. The project’s co-located facility at the Wodonga Wastewater Treatment Plant, along with extensive upgrades, demonstrated the optimisation of energy usage and adherence to circular economic principles.

The Energy Options Study aimed to determine the best energy mix, flexibility, and options to address the diverse goals of North East Water (NEW). NEW’s objectives included maximizing energy benefits, integrating the Hydrogen Park into a circular economy, exploring additional opportunities, and generating ACCUs. AGIG aimed to utilise biogas, dispose of oxygen, power the Hydrogen Park with onsite solar, explore recycled water options, and address fleet refueling.

The Energy Options Study provided valuable insights to North East Water (NEW) regarding the proposed project. It aimed to understand the benefits, barriers, considerations, and opportunities, enabling NEW to grasp value streams, contribute to Net Zero goals, and adapt to the changing energy landscape. Key factors for success included comprehending hydrogen generation and distribution options, energy requirements, and the integration of existing systems at the Wodonga Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWWTP) and the Hydrogen Park. The study culminated in an Energy Options Study Report, which encompassed an executive summary, existing systems overview, discussion of WWWTP projects, exploration of energy options, and specific considerations for the Hydrogen Park project.