Energy Optimisation Solutions – Yarra Valley Water

In early 2021, Bridgeford Group completed the Yarra Valley Water Energy Optimisation project for their head office location in Mitcham, Victoria.
This in-depth review and analysis of energy consumption involved numerous site visits, documentation reviews, interrogation of control systems, and interviews with facilities and maintenance staff, across over 16,000m2 of offices, including an on-site data centre and centralized energy centre. The energy use was also broken down by equipment type.

The audits were conducted to Australian Standard (AS3598 Type 2), with a ‘net-zero twist’. The project not only analysed efficiency opportunities but also generation, storage and energy productivity improvements across the “Net Zero Hierarchy” of: Reduce, Generate, Store, Fuel Shift and Offset.

The analysis identified the following key areas for improvement:

  • Air Handling & Distribution – significant modifications to the air-handling systems to improvement performance from 2 to 5 star NABERS
  • Demand Management Platform – to control electrified assets in response to wholesale electricity pricing
  • AC System – efficiency improvements for the Air Conditioning system
  • Solar Generation Upgrade – further increasing onsite generation
  • CHW Optimisation – reducing electricity consumption through optimisations to the cooling system
  • EV Charging Upgrades – DC fast chargers to support fleet electrification
  • HHW Optimisation – reducing on-site gas consumption through optimisations
  • DHW Upgrades – electrifying DHW assets, and controlling these via a load management system

Each of the identified opportunities was differentiated by building, and presented in a stand-alone section, to enable YVW project managers to take the project forward. In addition, project constraints, risks, buildability concerns were also provided.

The project identified the following key outcomes:

  • 30% reduction in energy consumption, including 80% increase in energy self-consumption
  • Annual emmissions reduction of 331tCO2
  • 45% reduction in overall utility expenditure

Following the audit process and project presentations, a number of the projects were submitted as part of a successful state government grant. Bridgeford Group were also engaged to complete design development and engineering drawings for the upgrades, supporting YVW to realise these savings.