Electrified Domestic Hot Water – University

A highlight of many students’ University experience is living on campus, however not having hot water isn’t one of them.

One of Bridgeford Group’s clients was struggling with failing domestic hot water (DHW) infrastructure across a 200+ bed, 14 unit residence at a regional campus. The existing DHW pipework between central boilers and the individual residence units had failed in sections, resulting in urgent installation of inefficient direct-electric DHW storage tanks for half of the residences.

Knowing that further failures were imminent, but noting the excessive energy consumption and operating cost, the client asked Bridgeford Group for help in assessing options for the remaining residences and laundry. Bridgeford Group’s assessment recommended an installation program of efficient CO2 driven heat pump upgrades, both for the remaining units and conversions for the direct-electric units.

To save time, Bridgeford Group worked with the supplier for a skid-based system with electrical back-up elements, reducing installation time and providing in-built redundancy.

Currently, 4 of the 14 residences are now “heat pump powered” with the rest being completed in 2021. Upon completion, the project will save the client in excess of $40,000 and 200 tonnes of CO2 per annum, with a payback of 5 years. The electrified system and removal of reliance on natural gas units also enables the client to power their DHW requirements via onsite Solar PV.

Bridgeford Group were responsible for concept options assessment, design documentation and technical assistance during construction.