Complex Lab and Airflow Pressurisation Study – University

One of Australia’s leading University’s landmark research building (+$100M) was designed with a complex pressurization and control system to maintain PC2 compliance.  The client was experienced ongoing issues with pressurization, make-up air alarms and system complaints affecting research outcomes.  They contracted Bridgeford Group to provide advice on required actions, believing that additional equipment and/or replacement was required.   Bridgeford Group performed an in-depth review of the original commissioning results, current operational set points, as-built drawings and control algorithms.

A complete system air balance was undertaken and a clear picture of the existing system constraints, and cost-effective controls and maintenance recommendations was provided to the client.  This negated the need for expensive air-handling unit and exhaust system replacement, with system cleaning, air balance of the variable exhaust systems and a control system setpoint modification recommended.  Bridgeford Group is working with the client to implement a raft of controls changes. Following the initial study, Bridgeford Group was engaged to design and specify additional fume cupboards and implement controls upgrades.

As of 2021, 2 of 8 fume cupboards have been installed.