Boiler Upgrade – Federation University

Due to the ageing and non-compliant boiler system located within the SMB Building G Library at Federation University’s SMB Ballarat campus, the Bridgeford Group was commissioned to design the upgrade of the boiler system.

Key project considerations included improved reliability, going from a single 225kW boiler to two 150kW units, improving the energy efficiency with two-way valve conversion of the AHU heating valves to make use of the existing HHWP VSD, and conversion to primary secondary system. Due to its age, the existing boiler plant was now non-compliant and highly inefficient by today’s standards, and as such, Bridgeford Group designed a new external boiler plant utilizing highly efficient condensing boilers. In addition, ageing 3-way valves presented an opportunity for a 2-way valve upgrade, well suited to hydraulic configuration of the new boilers. Further a lack of documentation necessitated a bottom-up approach for sizing new boilers and the associated AHU valves.

The solutions that were proposed and implemented in this project include the following:

  • Replacement of one 225kW existing boiler with 2x150kW new boilers to not only help fulfilling compliance but also allow SMB library to enjoy built-in redundancy
  • External location of boilers, coupled with dedicated screened plant area, fitting existing campus aesthetic
  • Primary to primary-secondary system conversion to decouple field flow from boiler flow requirements
  • Replacement of 6 existing valves through AHUs, conversion from 3-way to 2-way valves for 5 of the 6 valves with variable secondary flow control to enable variable flow operation

This project involved collaboration between Bridgeford and the Federation University facilities, alongside a thorough investigation and understanding of building operations. Following the installation process, Bridgeford Group performed a site-defects inspection and document review, to ensure plant was installed as documented.