ALSCO – Pathway to Net Zero Emissions

SERVICES: Sustainability Strategy, Climate Risk Assessment, Energy Efficiency Planning, Emissions Reduction, Value Chain Management

OBJECTIVE: ALSCO, a leading provider of linen and uniform rental services, is committed to achieving a 20% improvement in energy, carbon, and water efficiency by 2030 and Net Zero waste. With its main emission sources being electricity (32%), gas (46%), and fuel (18%), ALSCO aims to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2040. This case study showcases ALSCO’s strategy, developed in partnership with the Bridgeford Group, building upon existing sustainability initiatives and engagement in the NSW Government Sustainability Advantage project. Circular Economics, drives this decarbonisation effort.

Throughout the project, ALSCO learned valuable lessons that helped shape their sustainability journey. First, they realized the importance of setting ambitious targets, such as a 50% reduction by 2030, to drive significant change and make progress towards their Net Zero goal. Engaging all stakeholders, including staff, suppliers, and customers, played a crucial role in successfully implementing the Net Zero Pathway. ALSCO also discovered that innovation and incentives for energy savings were effective ways to address challenges and uncover new opportunities for emissions reduction.

Bridgeford Group’s comprehensive approach to sustainability was key to ALSCO’s success. The project addressed not only emissions reduction but also covered governance, people and capability, planning, data and reporting, targets, implementation and innovation, value chain, and finance. This holistic strategy ensured that every aspect of the business contributed to their sustainability goals. The partnership between ALSCO and Bridgeford Group highlighted the importance of ambitious goal-setting, stakeholder involvement, and learning from government programs like the NSW Government Sustainability Advantage project.

OUTCOME: In conclusion, the ALSCO Net Zero Pathway case study showcases how a committed partnership with Bridgeford Group enabled a leading linen and uniform rental services provider to take significant steps towards sustainability. With a clear plan and support from stakeholders, ALSCO made remarkable progress in their journey to achieve Net Zero Emissions, demonstrating their dedication to combating climate change and making a positive impact on the environment.