Welcome to Team Bridgeford

With an ever increasing workload, and the number of projects growing each week, our team has expanded even further. We’re proud to welcome our newest Bridgeford Group team members. . .

Richard O’Sullivan – Senior Electrical Engineer
Richard brings a unique set of skills and expertise to his role. Richard is not only a qualified electrical engineer with 8 years of experience in Building Services Design, he is also an A-grade electrician with over 10 years of practical experience. Richard’s engineering background includes a wide range of consulting experience, and he has a passion for electrical engineering and sustainability.

Nasik Ahmad – Energy Engineer
Nasik comes from a renewable energy and mechatronics background with a wide range of technical and management experience in robotics, combined cycle power generation and sustainable energy systems. Nasik is pursuing his passion for assisting our clients aiming to achieve net zero, and eventually helping them in going carbon negative.

Geoff Cope
– Business Development Executive
Geoff is an experienced management consultant, strategic relationship leader and innovative thinker. Over a 35 year career, the importance of clint service and value has remained central tenants in his every action. An experienced moderator and presenter, Geoff will probe and explore opportunities to be efficient whilst in parallel retaining an eye for delivering a valuable client experience.