Rewarding the Bridgeford Group team

We’ve all heard the grim news – a huge skills shortage, Covid exhaustion, overworked staff, thousands of job ads and the looming Great Resignation. How do companies stay ahead and retain staff?

At Bridgeford Group, we have implemented a range of perks and benefits to keep our team invigorated and more importantly, to recognise their efforts.

In addition to our current flexible work arrangements, we have installed a brand new gym in our office area, have great coffee, and just recently our team were given a fully paid day off on Monday the 31st October, which provided an extra long 4-day weekend to rest, relax and recharge.

These are just some of the things we have implemented for our staff to say thank you, and reward the team’s efforts. If you’re keen to join us at Bridgeford Group, get in touch via our website.