Regis Aged Care: Navigating Challenges, Achieving Sustainability, and Positioned for Growth

Take a peek into Regis Aged Care’s Transformation

In the recent CEO Magazine you can read a feature on Linda Mellors, Managing Director at Regis Aged Care. She reveals the company’s journey from pandemic challenges to financial resilience. Investments in sustainability, IT, staff safety, and a new program have shaped a brighter future.

Bridgeford Group Guides Regis Aged Care on a Journey Towards Net-Zero

Bridgeford Group had the pleasure of helping guide them on their net zero journey. Here’s what Nick had to say:

“Our lasting partnership with Regis Aged Care at Bridgeford Group is a source of pride. Guiding it toward a net zero future through reduced environmental impact has been a true privilege.” – Nick Tassigiannakis, Managing Director, Bridgeford Group

Regis Aged Care’s Journey to Sustainability & Growth

Regis Aged Care, led by CEO Linda Mellors, has successfully steered the company through a transformative journey towards net zero, overcoming challenges posed by the extended COVID-19 pandemic and financial difficulties in the aged care sector. The company implemented strategic initiatives, including IT upgrades, staff safety programs like Circle of Care, and a comprehensive business resilience plan. Mellors’ commitment to advocating for workforce stability resulted in improved wages for aged care nurses and carers, underscoring the company’s dedication to supporting essential frontline workers. Regis Aged Care’s strategic partnerships with suppliers showcased financial resilience, with a focus on reducing debts and embracing sustainability efforts to minimize the carbon footprint. Looking ahead, the company is poised for growth, expansion, and potential acquisitions, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence in the evolving landscape of aged care.

Read the CEO Magazine feature here.

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