Bridgeford Group recognised as a Sustainability Leader on The Australian Financial Review’s 2023 List

Bridgeford Group proudly announces that we will be named as one of The Australian Financial Review’s Sustainability Leaders for 2023, in association with BCG. We are proud to say that this recognition truly emphasises our dedication to sustainable infrastructure development and environmental stewardship. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our exceptional team, esteemed partners, and valued stakeholders for their support on this incredible journey.

The Australian Financial Review ‘Sustainability Leaders’ list sets out to celebrate the Australian companies that are making real progress in tackling sustainability challenges – and delivering business value along the way. To identify Australia’s ‘Sustainability Leaders’, the Financial Review has partnered with BCG, which works with businesses, governments, and social enterprises to accelerate their climate and sustainability journey by identifying and harnessing climate innovation, embedding sustainability at scale, and capturing the value clients create.

At Bridgeford Group, sustainability is ingrained in our corporate identity. We believe responsible and sustainable business practices are crucial for building a better future. Being featured on The Australian Financial Review’s Sustainability Leaders List affirms our dedication to creating sustainable infrastructure that harmonises economic growth with environmental preservation.

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to sustainable engineering and energy efficiency. We are grateful to our team, partners, and stakeholders for their support. Looking ahead, we will continue driving innovation, setting new industry benchmarks, and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Together, we will build a greener and more sustainable world.