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Bridgeford Group Pty Ltd is an Australian multi-disciplinary Renewable Energy, Building Services Engineering and Energy Efficiency Consultancy, that operates at the intersection between class-leading engineering and sustainability, with the aim of future-proofing our client’s assets and operations.

We envision a world where sustainability is intertwined in each of our client’s core operations, producing greater output, reducing costs and helping preserve the environment for generations to come. We do this through world class engineering, hiring the best minds, solving hard problems, and presenting solutions in an easy and actionable manner.

We partner with our clients throughout the entire project journey, from strategy to complete design, documentation, market engagement, through to practical completion and performance verification. Our team of talented engineers develop solutions that are industry leading and cost effective, while reducing our clients’ impact on the environment. 

Our capabilities & expertise

Energy and Renewables

Net-zero and carbon negative strategies to reduce environmental impact and enable climate-readiness. Energy transition and infrastructure electrification to support future business operations and emissions targets. Solar and battery feasibility studies, alternative energy and off-grid emerging energy systems to improve self-reliance and energy security. EV-readiness and integration, dispatchable generation and micro grid studies to empower full energy control.

Building Services Engineering

Building evaluation and design reviews to ensure compliance with current standards and requirements. Mechanical and HVAC-R engineering to integrate complex thermal systems and create efficient, comfortable indoor environments. Electrical engineering to improve resilience, support asset electrification and design for an electrified future. Controls engineering to improve occupant comfort, reduce energy use and prepare building infrastructure for IoT & Industry 4.0.

Energy Efficiency and Asset Strategy

Site investigations, infrastructure evaluation and replacement regimes to modernise maintenance and asset planning.  Energy audits, utility analysis and energy & water optimisation drive operational and utility efficiency.  Measurement and Verification of building performance to provide clarity in achievement outcomes for implemented efficiency upgrades. Energy Performance Contract advisory to assist in navigating complex guaranteed projects, reduce risk and improve compliance.

Our Clients & Partners

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